An Instrument in Every Hand

From its founding, the Queens Symphony Orchestra has been more than just an orchestra, but an institution whose mission has always included, in part, making music accessible through education. 

​Through the An Instrument in Every Hand program, the Queens Symphony Orchestra collects gently used, playable instruments from donors throughout New York City and the surrounding area and then passes them on to students around Queens.

The goals of the program are to make musical instruments and music education accessible to all students in Queens, and eventually New York City, and to inspire countless students to excel in not only music, but in all pursuits. Through this program, students that may not otherwise have access to often expensive musical instruments and musical education are given an opportunity to create beautiful music with their own hands and learn about masterpieces of orchestral music by recreating the pieces themselves.

Queens, and moreover New York City, is the most diverse metropolis in the world and because of this we are hoping to take in particularly unique and diverse instruments alongside common western instruments so that students may learn to listen to and play the instruments of cultures from around the world. Musical training and performance is an endless gift, instilling in each student  an enduring love for diverse cultures be it their own or the culture of their peers. 

An Instrument in Every Hand furthers the QSO's mission to nurture the musical community in Queens, as well as across New York City, by introducing young people to instruments that may transform their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. Musical training and performance is an endless gift, instilling in each performer not only an enduring love for music, but the discipline and sustained dedication required to improve and eventually reach one's potential as a musician. 

It has been proven again and again by many respected journals and research institutions that arts in education, particularly, music in education leads to greater overall achievement in academic pursuits. It is known to lead to higher test scores, the confidence to purse fields that contribute to the greater good, and to a decrease in violence and bullying.

​This program is not education as usual- It helps our city become more vibrant than it already is by fostering a love for music education and through that, a love of education in general. This program intimately touches lives and stands alone as a way for our students to disconnect from the hype of today and connect with the everlasting presence of the past and the eternal mystery of the future. 

To learn how you can donate to Instrument in Every Hand, please call 718-570-0909 or click here.