DEIA Statement

We elevate and honor the Queens Symphony Orchestra by drawing from the full diversity of the community, seeking to achieve an equitable and inclusive workforce and audience, as we continue to strive to become a model preforming arts group that is accessible to all as well as rich in diverse people, talent and ideas.

Respect. QSO believes in honoring and respecting employees, musicians and audience through practices that foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Innovation. QSO believes in employing innovative solutions to address serving the rich, diverse communities of Queens and beyond.

Service. QSO believes in fulfilling its mission by delivering outstanding experiences to the diverse audiences in Queens and throughout the five boroughs .

Excellence. QSO believes in achieving results using approaches that are data driven, grounded in evidence informed policies and practices, and responsive to our audience and donor needs.

QSO’s DEIA Strategic Plan identifies goals accompanied by actionable strategies that will advance our service to the community. Specifically, the strategies are designed to build the foundational capacity for outreach and recruitment efforts to potential employees,  musicians, board members and volunteers, including from underrepresented communities, provide more equitable access to training and leadership development programs, and increase audience satisfaction, engagement, and retention.