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The Queens Symphony Orchestra is not just any orchestra- we are your orchestra. We bring you the best in classical concerts as well as educational programming, chorale concerts, operas-in-concert, and world premiere pieces performed by the nation’s best musicians and accessible to all.

As one of the few non-profit, full-time professional orchestras in New York City, the QSO relies on support from our community to continue bringing great concerts and educational programming, free of charge, to the Borough of Queens, the City of New York, the nation and the world. The QSO has not in the past, and never plans on charging admission fees for public programming, therefore relying on donations and in-kind support to sustain and thrive. Thanks to all of the generous support received from across the city, the QSO has thrived for seven decades and counting.

Everyday, members of the staff, board, and musicians of the QSO work tirelessly to bring educational, enriching, and memorable programs to the Borough of Queens. It is the universal belief of every member of the QSO that we are providing a vital service. We continue to build on the history of the immortal art of music, and give a gift to the community that will live on for generations to come. We are instilling a love for not only orchestral music, but the arts and education in general, in individuals of all ages. We provide an outlet for the weary and an escape from the doldrums of the everyday. We inspire creativity and promote essential values, allowing those who listen, watch, and learn from us a vision of themselves and the world around them available only through music and art. We do not wish to profit off of our efforts, only to have our efforts continue.

There are many ways in which you can support the Queens Symphony Orchestra. You can make an individual donation by clicking the link below.

We welcome corporate and non-profit sponsors and partnerships, and we are always open to partnering with community organizations.

Thanks for your interest in supporting the Queens Symphony Orchestra!